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Owner name: Michael H. White Address: 11024 Balboa Blvd. #615 Granada Hills, CA 91344 Phone: (818) 368-0444 Website: Business Email : Keywords: Mediation, Arbitraion, Alternative Dispute Resolution Description: Mediation attorney Michael H. White is an acknowledged authority in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)techniques for resolving business and personal conflicts outside of traditional, court-based litigation.Traditional conflict resolution through litigation and the courts is frustrating, time-consuming, expensive — and public, open for the world to see. Today’s budget-strapped courts are overbooked and understaffed, so that fewer and fewer cases ever make it to trial (less than 5%).And in cases involving Divorce, Family Law, Elder Law, End of Life Issues – and even business conflicts — court-based litigation can be highly destructive both to the individuals involved and to their ongoing relationships and third parties caught in the crossfire. In family law cases, the collateral damage to children and family members can last a lifetime. Year Found: 2011 Number of Employee: 1 Operating Hours: Monday to Friday : 9 to 5


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